ISSN   2320 –9453  

Welcome to IRJBMF

INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH JOURNAL ON BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND FINANCE (IRJBMF) is a peer-reviewed and refereed international journal devoted to the study of Business , Management and Finance.

IRJBMF is a quarterly print (ISSN 2320 – 9453) as well as online open access journal that publishes research works from scholars, academicians and corporate, in their respective expertise of research.

IRJBMF Print edition is available to the authors and subscribers of this service. The print edition serves the purpose of having a record of articles published by the authors.

The online version  of IRJBMF is updated periodically for its every issue . Online journal serves the purpose of reaching the global academic community irrespective of geographical boundaries to unfold the research and practice in the field of Business, Management and Finance.


GRJBMF is a  journal that publishes articles which contribute new novel experimentation and theoretical work in all areas of business , management, finance  and its applications. The journal welcomes publications of high quality papers on theoretical developments and practical applications in business and management.

  1. International Business,
  2. Health Care Administration,
  3. Human Resource Management (HRM),
  4. Non-Profit Organizations,
  5. Office Administration/Management,
  6. Operations Research/Statistics,
  7. Operations Management,
  8. Organizational Behavior and Theory,
  9. Organizational Development,
  10. Organizational Management,
  11. Production/Operations,
  12. Public Administration,
  13. Purchasing/Materials Management,
  14. Entrepreneurship, enterprise, innovation.
  15. Strategic Management Policy,
  16. Technology/Innovation,
  17. Tourism and Hospitality,
  18. Tourism and Travel Management
  19. Leisure,
  20. Transportation/Physical Distribution,
  21. Supply Chain Management,
  22. Rural Management,
  23. Public Management,
  24. Knowledge Management,
  25. Business Ethics,
  26. Corporate Governance,
  27. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR),
  28. Negotiations and Competitive Decision Making,
  29. Data Analysis,
  30. General Management,
  31. Public Policy Management,
  32. Hotel Management ,
  33. Environmental Management.
  34. E- business
  35. Social impact on business
  36. Information technology management
  37. Infrastructure finance
  38. Financial planning and analysis

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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  1. Dr. VISHNU H FULZELE says:

    Respected Sir, I would send a paper on entrepreneurship in DIE-MAKING within a month, where I have conducted survey of 200 die-makers in DAHANU TALUKA, Dist:THANE, MUMBAI,

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